ICAD 2024: Daily Mixed-Media Explorations

Welcome to my ICAD 2024 gallery! Here, you'll find a collection of daily mixed media artworks I'm creating for the Index Card a Day Challenge.

Each piece is a miniature exploration of various artistic styles or themes. I'm using a variety of materials, including markers, colored pencils, watercolors and colored papers.

Check back often, as I'll be adding a new artwork every day for the next 61 days!

  • colorful image with text reading "Index-Card-a-Day. 61 dyas. 61 index cards. June 1-July 31."

    The Challenge

  • abstract sketch on index card with multicolor dashes fillng up the rectangle of the card and topped with multicolor watercolor dots

    Day 1

    Felt tip pen and watercolors

  • drawing on index card made with short strokes in black ink and thick watercolor stripes in turquoise, peach and light green.

    Day 2

    Japanese ink and watercolors

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  • sketch on index card of yellow blossoms and metallic gold dots

    Day 3

    Felt-tip markers and metallic ink

  • collage on index card made with paper in shades of yellow, red, turquoise, dark green and kraft brown.

    Day 4

    Collage with colored paper

  • index card sketch of two beets done in fast pen strokes of red, purple and green.

    Day 5

    Felt-tip markers and watercolors

  • abstract floralscape of plant stalks done in shades of blue and green.

    Day 6

    Acrylic paint

  • abstarct watercolor showing long simple strokes of blue, green, bronze and gold.

    Day 7


  • floralscape sketch on index card down with black ink.

    Day 8

    Japanese ink

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  • watercolor painting done with vertical stripes of blue, peach and yellow.

    Day 9


  • colored pencil illustration on index card of two lemons and leaves.

    Day 10

    Colored pencils

  • paper weaving done with index card and strips of paper painted with multicolor watercolor spots

    Day 11

    Paper weaving

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  • collage on index card with various sizes of circles in blue, red, green and yellow.

    Day 12

    Collage with colored paper

  • graphite sketch on index card of an apple and a branch.

    Day 13


  • painting on an index card of lavender plants against a pale green background.

    Day 14

    Watercolor and watercolor markers

  • abstract painting of circles and dashes done in shades of blue and silver.

    Day 15

    Watercolor and ink

  • sketch of an onion doen with colored pencil and black ink.

    Day 16

    Colored pencils and ink

  • Picasso-like sketch of a horse done in graphite.

    Day 17


  • index card with a fiber art plaid made with overlappiing colored cotton cord

    Day 18

    Cotton cord

  • abstract drawing on an index card with multicolor shapes fitted together

    Day 19


  • ink sketch of the sun with a man's profile and sun rays projecting outwards.

    Day 20

    Pen and ink

  • two grape clusters in shades of purple with vines and leaves, drawn with watercolor markers on an index card

    Day 21

    Watercolor markers

  • abstract watercolor done with lotches of yellow, green, turquoise, red and blue on an index card

    Day 22


  • colored pencil sketch of slightly oveerlapping rectangles in shades of blue, red and yellow

    Day 23

    Colored pencil

  • illustration of 2 green onion stalks, done in watercolor pencil and ink.

    Day 24

    Watercolor pencil and ink

  • simple, minimalist charcoal drawing of a horse head.

    Day 25

    Charcoal pencil

  • Collage of chaparral hills against a blue sky, done with watercolors and gouache.

    Day 26

    Watercolor and gouache

  • illustration of lotus flowers done with watercolor pencils.

    Day 27

    Watercolor pencils

  • abstract painting on an index card of multicolored paint daubs made with acrylic paints.

    Day 28

    Acrylic paints

  • abstract watercolor painting done in colors of red, blue and yellow.

    Day 29


  • Day 30

    Colored tissue paper

  • abstract watercolor paiinting with ink markings, done in yellow, bronze and blue

    Day 31

    Watercolors and ink

  • colored pencil sketch of 6 multicolor bowls in red, purple, green, light blue, yellow, orange and turquoise

    Day 32

    Colored pencils

  • pencil sketch of 4 different mushrooms

    Day 34


  • colored pencil sketch of a red vase and shadow.

    Day 34

    Colored pencils

  • pen and ink sketch of a simplified fern pattern with small dots in the background

    Day 35

    Pen and ink

  • abstract collage with circle made with watercolors

    Day 36

    Collage with watercolors

  • colored pencil illustration of three slightly overlappng green beans

    Day 37

    Colored pencils

  • abstract watercolor strokes in green, yellow and turquoise with a printed insporational statement from Rick Rubin about approaching art with no right or wrong and doing it as free play

    Day 38


  • Day 39

    Colored cotton cord

  • pencil sketch of a stalk of bamboo with leaves and shadows

    Day 40


  • image of concentric circles, each done with a different color pencil

    Day 41

    Colored pencils

  • geometric collage with colored paper in pink, coral and navy blue

    Day 42

    Colored paper and watercolors

  • two watercolor carrots side by side

    Day 43


  • pencil sketch of some cactus with shading and shadows

    Day 44


  • abstract watercolor of various circles in shades of red, green and metallic bronze

    Day 45

    Watercolors and metallic ink

  • image of several colorful feathers drawn with markers

    Day 46

    Colored markers

  • reverse image of two monstera leaves done in black ink

    Day 47

    Pen and ink

  • abstract watercolor in blue, bronze and yellow with ink markings and cotton cord in the same colors

    Day 48

    Watercolors and cotton cord

  • sketch of a turnip done in colored pencil with the leaves and roots left in graphite grey

    Day 49

    Colored pencil and graphite

  • abstract watercolor of multicolor horizontal paint daubs

    Day 50